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Kumertau , the Territory of Opportunities

Today the town of Kumertau is one of the most ecologically favourable towns of Bashkortostan which opens opportunities for the investors and businessmen interested in new prospects of the business. Kumertau is located in the foothills of the southern part of the Ural Mountains, on border of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Orenburg region, Europe and Asia. In the territory of the town district a significant amount of mineral deposits is concentrated: 4 fields of brown coal, plaster, red clay, sandy - gravel mix.

7 Reasons to Invest

  • In the territory of the town a significant amount of fields of different types of mineral raw materials of federal and regional values is concentrated: 4 fields of brown coal, plaster, red clay, sandy - gravel mix.

  • The city is located in the foothills of the southern part of the Ural Mountains on the border of the Republic of Bashkortostan and Orenburg region.

  • The system of vocational education focused on training of technicians and has a production and technical base: 3 vocational schools, mining and aviation colleges, two university engineering and technological orientation.

  • The city is the center of the binder at the intersection of highways between Volga region. Urals, Central Asia and Western Siberia.

  • Total length of high-voltage lines, including all classes of voltage from 0.4 kV to 110 kV, is 8303 km.

  • The presence in the country and municipality legislation providing preferential tax treatment for investors.

  • There is a registry of vacant space at the location of production.

image140957241 Belyaev
Boris Vladimirovich

The Head of administration of the town district the town of Kumertau the Republic of Bashkortostan


Dear friends!

Welcome to the official site "An investment portal of the town of Kumertau".

Today Kumertau is a modern administrative, industrial, scientific and cultural centre of the Republic of Bashkortostan which dynamically develops from a year to a year, expands its geography, increases rates of social and economic growth.

Kumertau has huge potential for implementation of large investment projects, first of all, on the exploitation of natural resources and the development of infrastructure. In modern conditions the convenient geographical position, ecologically favourable climate, rich natural resources, a high skill level of experts, favourable opportunities for the development of business open an extensive scope for activity of vigorous and enterprising people.

The city is open for new projects in various spheres of business and to an arrival of both domestic, and foreign investors. The town administration provides full support for realization of your business ideas and formation of favourable investment climate. I invite investors to get acquainted closer with the youngest and southern town of our republic. I wish all representatives of a business community progress in implementation of investment projects, wellbeing and prosperity of business.

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